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CD’s are available for purchase at Ronald Cole Piano Studio or by calling (530) 245-0815. Items can be shipped for a minimal handling charge. Send check or money order for $11.00 (10.00 + $1.00) shipping (per CD) to:

Ronald Allen Cole Piano Studio, 1320 Yuba St.(lower level), Redding, CA 96001.

cd-cover-sunday-afternoon-pops-concert-001 Collection of classical gems and pop favorites.

Price: $10.00 (+$1.00 shipping)

cd-cover-ronald-cole-pianist-in-concert-001 Live collection of pieces by twentieth-century composers. Recorded live between 1969 and 1973. Includes works by Saint-Saens, Prokofieff, Ravel, Debussy, and more.

Price: $10.00 (+$1.00 shipping)

cd-cover-chopin-002 Collection of Chopin Favorites.

Price: $10.00 (+$1.00 shipping)

quartet The Empyrean Quartet.

Price: $10.00 (+$1.00 shipping)

Critical Acclaim:

We consider Ronald Cole an important San Francisco, Bay Area Pianist.
Henry Z. Steinway, President Steinway and Sons, NY., NY
Ronald Cole is clearly a gifted pianist.
Robin Laufer, Music Dir., San Francisco Conservatory of Music.
A phenomenally successful teacher of piano, Mr. Cole became our youngest faculty member at age 20.
Keith Gustaveson, Director Southeast School of Music,Salt Lake City, Utah
A talented pianist!
Josephine Roberts, Editor, Morning News Newspaper, San Leandro, CA
Ronald Cole, popular young Salt Lake City pianist, was guest soloist with the Bernard Mayers ensemble Wednesday night to one of its largest audiences at the Murry B. Allen Center for the Blind auditorium… Mr. Cole is a pianist with a technique and musical approach of great promise.
Conrad B. Harrison, Music Editor, Desert News, Salt Lake City, Utah
Pianist Wins Acclaim!

…young Salt Lake pianist Ronald Cole gave his professional debut at the Blind Center Auditorium March 23, and impressed a capacity crowd most favorably… Mr. Cole won particular attention with his interpretation of Schubert’s Moment Musicaux and was called back for encores…”

Dr. Lowell Durham, Professor of Music, Salt Lake Tribune News music critic